HuskiesHack welcomes students from all majors— a 24-hour event where you can create, collaborate, and compete to make something amazing!

Our hackathon is centered around the theme - "Connect". We connect with people, technology, organization all the time, yet we feel so disconnected. Help us build connections and create an app, website or software solution that would help the community connect better. 

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$900 in prizes

Top Overall

$900 Gift card for Winning Teams

1. $400 1st Prize

Certification of Participation & Free T-shirts

Certification of Participation & Free T-shirts for all participants.

1st Runner's Up!

$300 2nd Prize

2nd Runner Up!

$200 3rd Prize

Certification of Participation & Free T-shirts

Certification of Participation & Free T-shirts

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  • Participants: All students from MinnState Colleges & University
  • Teams: Max of 4 people in a team
  • Major: Open to All Majors



  • Teams will be given 5-10 mins max to present their solutions to the Judges
  • Follow the rubric provided here - will be used to judge the final application


  • The team must be present during Judging Time from 12:30 PM - 3 PM.
  • Only one submission per team
  • For people submitting a pre-recorded video, please submit a Video Link.
  • Those presenting live need not submit a video link.
  • Be prepared to do a short demonstration in your video or live presentation.
  • GitHub Link to the project.


Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas
Vice-President GeoComm Inc

Ruchir Jaipuriyar

Ruchir Jaipuriyar
IT Manager - RBC Wealth Management

Micheal & Lilen

Micheal & Lilen

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness of the Solution
    How well does the proposed solution solve the core problem it attempts to address? • Evaluates idea, not a finished product • How useful is the solution to those facing the problem?
  • Innovation
    How original and unique is the solution? • Is there other software out there that solves the same problem? Is this software meaningfully different? • Does this software solve a unique problem? • Is this software unique within this hackathon?
  • Applicable to Theme - Connect
    How well does this software improve our ability to connect with each other, with technology, and/ or with organizations? • Evaluates both the software’s idea and implementation
  • Ease of Use/User-Interface
    How easy is this software to use? How appropriate is the user interface for the target audience? • Does the user interface meet the needs of the targeted demographics?
  • Implementation
    How well did the team implement their idea? • Is the software working? • How completely did they implement their proposed solution? • Are there significant issues that make it difficult/ impossible to use?

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